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In the course of its years of experience and having handled various critical scenarios, Velan has mastered various proven working model's that will best suit to your requirements. Some of our best working models.


  • Scan the source documents and upload your books to the secure server.
  • Velan’s bookkeepers update your books using the software of your choice.
  • Updated books are transferred on to the secure server from where you can download on to your system.


  • Scan the source documents and upload to the secure server or fax them to our US fax Number.
  • Our bookkeeper logs on to Online accounting software (e.g. and update the books.
  • You access your online accounting system, 24x7 to review the updated books.


  • Scan the source documents in your server or file cabinet.
  • Our bookkeeper connects to your computer using a remote desktop access service like GotoMypc. Com, Netlink Solutions or secure VPN.
  • You find the books updated on your system after the agreed turn around time.
Working models Location of source information Ideal for Data access by you Data access by Velan
Offline At Velan's office Clients who want work done faster Download from server Login to PC at our office
Online Bookkeeping software provider Clients who need access anytime View Online Login to online bookkeeping software
Remote At your office Clients who do not want information to leave their office At your own computer Login to your PC from Velan

Our experiences bookkeepers will process accounts receivables, accounts payable, bank reconciliations, payrolls and all of your bookkeeping tasks on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

After updating the details in the respective accounting software, our expert team will provide you with the necessary reports such as aging reports, credit card transactions, financial reports, profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow and KPI’s.

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