Choose Your Pricing


Our pricing models are very simple, we generally operate on a fixed pricing per month - where you get a dedicated bookkeeper or an accountant. We also work on transaction basis or on an hourly basis which ever suits your requirement. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you do not find a pricing model of your convenience, we can mutually work out one that is right for you.

There are few other parameters that determine the pricing of our bookkeeping service. Each quote we provide is thoroughly evaluated and considered - an assessment is made based on factors like number of transactions to be processed and turnaround time involved. On a whole, Velan's bookkeeping team assures value for your money.

Hourly Rate

Apply to those projects which are time priority, small or have specific requirements.

Monthly Rate

Apply to our VIP clients whom have established or want to establish long-term relationship with us.

Project Rate

Apply to middle to large volume data projects. We estimate how long the whole process will take then offer certain discount based on our hourly rate.

Transaction Rate

This is available for selective services in case of high volume transaction entry.