Bookkeeping Services for Small & Medium Businesses

Spend more on growing your business and less on accounting for it - Outsource Bookkeeping and Accounting to Velan.

Bookkeeping Services for small business are finding it difficult to manage accounts and financial records that are accurate and up-to-date. They need to invest in setup, maintenance, and staffing, apart from bookkeeping, payroll tasks, and timely filing of taxes. Offshoring such critical but non-core activities to Velan gives you the independence to focus on your core business challenges and reduces costs considerably.

A SMB cannot justify a full-time bookkeeper until they grow to a particular level; Velan bookkeepers act as an extended office housing the accounting department, and deliver bookkeeping services in a systematic, efficient, and timely manner.

Bookkeeping solutions that will help your small business thrive.

In-house Accountant Cost

Salary + Tax + Incentives + Vacation Pay

A Velan Accountant Cost

< Salary

Do the math.

Did we mention an in-house resource is not always available, needs training, and increases the need for infrastructure in your office? You need proper business processes in place, and more often than not, an in-house resource demands a quantum of supervision effort from you or a supervisor. Are you ready to shell out all of these additional operating costs? Reach out to Velan instead

Our Bookkeepers Certifications

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Choosing the Right Tools: Velan's Expertise in Bookkeeping Software

Customized Bookkeeping Services for Your Small Business

Here's what you get
from Velan

  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Statement of Assets and Liabilities
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • P & L Statements
  • Payroll Services
  • Tax Preparation

What are the SMB

  • Affordability of a full-time bookkeeper
  • Time and money lost in in-house accounting
  • Increased overhead and operating costs
  • Delay in tax filing & resulting penalties

Benefits of Outsourcing Small Businesses Bookkeeping

  • Overcome financial
  • Focus on growing your business
  • Reduce staff & setup fees
  • Error-free and on-time
  • Up to date books

Why do small businesses outsource their bookkeeping to Velan?

Velan has over a decade of impeccable track record in offering reliable and quick outsourced bookkeeping & accounting services to small and medium businesses across the US. Our cloud model allows the delivery of outsourced bookkeeping services remotely, regardless of our client’s locations.

Our bookkeepers have expertise in almost all popular software platforms including QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, etc. Certified processes and security controls practiced by our team ensure consistent delivery of outsourced bookkeeping services without compromising data security and confidentiality.

Our established processes and communication protocols allow our team to act as an extended office, serving you relentlessly, day-in and day-out. Put an end to your search for the best virtual bookkeeping service provider near you.

Online Bookkeepers & Accountants

How Secure is Your Data With Us?

Velan understands the importance of safeguarding customer data throughout its entire operational lifecycle. We ensure the uttermost protection of customer property throughout the entire product development process, including storage and logistics. We demonstrate our dedication to data security through the implementation of ISO 27001 in our office.

Why do small businesses need bookkeeping?

Accrual Accounting Proficiency

Small business bookkeeping is a critical component of running a business. Bookkeeping helps small firms organize, store, and analyze financial data. Using this financial information, you can draw reliable judgments regarding your company's financial security.

However, that is not the only reason bookkeeping is essential for small enterprises. In fact, the IRS mandates firms to keep specific records and utilize accounting to manage their income and expenses. The IRS demands that you maintain records of:

  • Gross receipts
  • Purchases Expenses
  • Assets
  • Travel, transportation, entertainment, and gift costs
  • Employment taxes (where appropriate)

Without business bookkeeping, it is difficult to track and report required information to the federal government. Not to mention that improper reporting or failure to file might result in penalties and fines.

How to Start Bookkeeping in a Small Business?

When handling bookkeeping, you'll typically follow the four procedures below to ensure that the books are up to date and accurate. Remember that each transaction is assigned to a specific account and then reported to the general ledger. Posting debits and credits to the correct accounts improves reporting accuracy. Take a look at the four steps below to handle your bookkeeping.

Assign transactions to certain accounts

Examine the item in question and establish which account it belongs to. For example, when money is collected from a sale, it is credited to the sales revenue account. Making sure transactions are appropriately assigned to accounts provides the finest view of your organization and allows you to get the most useful information from your bookkeeping software.

Perform journal entries for debit and credit accounts

When completing manual bookkeeping, debits are on the left side of the ledger and credits are on the right. Debits and credits should always be equal so that the books are balanced.

Post entries to the ledger account

Once the entries have been assigned to the appropriate accounts, you may publish them to the general ledger to gain a bird's-eye perspective of your present cash situation. Most accounting software handles this for you, so there's no need to worry about an extra step.

Adjust the entries at the end of each accounting period

At the end of the accounting period, make any necessary changes to your entries. Making adjustments improves the accuracy of your books. For example, you may have estimated certain invoices, which were later confirmed with an exact number. Correct the entries to reflect the appropriate information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bookkeeping and accounting are frequently used interchangeably. While both processes are striving toward the same goal, they are two distinct entities. Bookkeeping is the process of documenting financial transactions, while accounting is the analysis and planning based on this data. Bookkeeping and accounting are distinct responsibilities, and their respective job names reflect this. Because accountants examine financial data and frequently make recommendations to their clients, they are generally expected to have greater expertise and education in their profession. However, while accountants can be bookkeepers, bookkeepers cannot be considered accountants unless they have the necessary experience and training. Hiring for both of these professions might be costly to your company. Our experienced team of enrolled agents, CPAs, and bookkeepers is the best candidate to help you fine-tune your company's financial strategy—at a fraction of the cost of hiring a bookkeeper and accountant in-house.
Our team of CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers has decades of combined expertise in perfecting accounting procedures for businesses of all sizes and sectors. When you choose Velan bookkeeping services for small businesses, you'll be assigned to a dedicated team of professionals who will work together to give customized guidance and personalized support.
We understand that, as a small business owner, you already have a lot going on. Velan's small business bookkeeping services are built with one key purpose in mind: to simplify business management. We're here to help you at every stage, from capturing accurate data to managing deposits and transactions. Expect small company bookkeeping solutions that will help you manage your firm more effectively.
Of course. Velan understands that your business is extremely important to you. That is why we provide transparent bookkeeping services to small businesses. You may access your financial data at any time via our mobile app, and we have a specialized staff of accountants ready to assist you at any time.

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