Velan Bookkeepers Manage Books Worth Over $1 Billion Velan is in the 17th Year of Business Offering Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Velan Delivers Outsourced Bookkeeping & Accounting Services to Clients Nationwide Velan Offers Accounting & Bookkeeping Services to Small, Medium to Fortune 500 Companies Velan Bookkeepers Have Expertise in Multiple Software Platforms Including QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, FreshBooks, Myob & Accounting CS Velan Offers Bookkeeping Services to Clients in Various Industries Including CPA Firms, SMEs, Retailers, Non-Profit Organizations, Real Estate & Property Management.


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    November 24, 2023

    Restaurant Accounting

    Category:  Accounting

    This restaurant accounting guide will help you better manage the finances of your establishment and understand the roles and responsibilities of your accountant. Understand the language: Learning the accounting language would be the ideal line of action if you wanted to properly master restaurant accounting. Even if they seem like gibberish right now, terms like debit, credit, balance sheet, and cash flow are commonly used in the accounting industry that you, as an entrepreneur, should Read More

    As businesses continue to navigate the complexity of today’s financial landscape, bookkeeping services remains essential for maintaining accurate records and ensuring financial stability. Managing bookkeeping obligations in-house may be a time- and resource-intensive procedure for many firms. This is when the organization’s Indian bookkeepers come into play. There are various benefits to outsourcing bookkeeping to India. To begin with, Indian bookkeepers are highly trained and well-versed in worldwide accounting standards. Second, since Indian bookkeeping services Read More

    Outsourced Accounting Costs for Mid-Market Companies

    Category:  Accounting

    Within this market segment, businesses frequently experience rapid growth and change, which can result in operational difficulties, soaring expenses, and dwindling profit margins. Key Takeaways Is Outsourced Accounting Necessary for Your Company? Do you have a well-thought-out company plan? Is your company strategy working? Does it help you educate your operational framework, create short-term benchmarks, and fulfil them in order to reach long-term goals? Improved Operations: Outsourced accounting services may help you enhance practically every Read More

    Process of Automated Invoice Processing

    Category:  Accounting

    What Is the Process of Automated Invoice Processing? An automated invoice processing system streamlines firms’ accounts payable processes by automating tasks such as data extraction from invoices, data validation, and data entry into a database for further analysis and processing. Processing bills is one of the most time-consuming chores, yet it cannot be overlooked because it is directly related to the business’s finances. Automation overcomes this challenge by shortening invoice processing times and enhancing data Read More

    AI Accounting tools

    Category:  Accounting

    The Ultimate Guide: Top 10 AI Accounting Tools of 2023: Introduction How is AI Being Used for Accounting? What Are the Advantages of AI in Accounting? The Top 10 AI Accounting Tools for 2023 Conclusion Introduction of AI Accounting: The accounting sector is being transformed by artificial intelligence (AI). AI is changing the way businesses handle their finances by automating tedious operations, delivering real-time insights, and forecasting future trends. In this essay, we will examine Read More

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