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An easy-to-use guide to hiring the best QuickBooks bookkeeper

Posted on 01/02/2024

Hiring the appropriate individual for the job is essential if you’re looking for a professional Quickbooks bookkeeper for your business. The individual you select will be essential in assisting your firm in keeping track of its money because your bookkeeper will need to record all business transactions.

Many things can hurt your business if you hire the incorrect person. If you choose the improper bookkeeper for your firm, some of your business transactions could be inaccurately recorded in addition to the financial reports being inaccurate.

Examining candidates’ proficiency with QuickBooks, one of the most well-known accounting programs used by small and medium-sized businesses can be a crucial step in choosing a top bookkeeper.

Searching for a QuickBooks bookkeeper accountant near me? With the help of your local list of QuickBooks-certified ProAdvisor accountants, choose one close to you that you can trust. A ProAdvisor may offer qualified counsel and direction especially suited for your company. So that you don’t have to, your ProAdvisor keeps up with the most recent accounting regulations.

How to find a QuickBooks accountant?  They put forth a lot of effort for your clients. For you, QuickBooks Online Accountant works diligently. For improved convenience and insight, manage everything in one location using tools exclusive to accountants. Thus, you have more opportunities than ever to expand your business as well as your clients.

  • Offer individualized advice evaluate the company performance of your clients and compare them to businesses of a similar size for personalized, useful information.
  • Scale your processes- With the new month-end review, you can close your customers’ monthly books with more accuracy and in less time.
  • Add customers and knowledge customers by utilizing our extensive, varied network of small businesses, and develop your abilities through in-depth training.

What is Quickbooks?

In 2024, one of the most popular accounting software for small businesses will be QuickBooks.

QuickBooks may be a solid solution without breaking the bank, whether you wish to abandon manual bookkeeping, your spreadsheets have become multi-headed hydras, or you seek a better alternative to your present software.

Although QuickBooks is most well-known for its bookkeeping software, it also provides small companies with a variety of accounting and financial solutions.

Using QuickBooks Online:

Using QuickBooks Online, you can save your accounting records on the cloud and have access to them whenever and wherever you are.

Additionally, this service provides billing capabilities. Numerous third-party add-on apps are available for the QuickBooks Online cloud accounting software (QBO), extending its built-in capabilities and operational procedures.

With integrated add-on applications, QuickBooks Online offers users a straightforward, reasonably priced experience resembling an ERP system.

Training and certification for QuickBooks

Upskilling an existing member of your team who already has an accounting skill set or something comparable is an excellent choice if you don’t want to employ a QuickBooks bookkeeper.

A training course is available from QuickBooks to show users how to use the tool. Someone who is inexperienced with it or who is familiar with the fundamentals but wants to learn everything so they may handle bookkeeping duties may find this beneficial.

The curriculum comprises online classes that cover the following topics, and self-paced versions of these are also available.

  • Fundamental subjects
  • Daily interactions
  • Exclusive transactions
  • Hints and techniques
  • Automation
  • Customization
  • Reporting ideas
  • Accounting ideas
  • Setup for payroll

If you are unable to hire a new team member to handle the books, this is a viable alternative. However, if you hire someone with prior QuickBooks experience, you’ll save time and money.

Before employing a bookkeeper:

  • Don’t be afraid to call references and check them out. Trust referrals from trustworthy, nearby businesses that you are familiar with.
  • Make sure the independent bookkeeper you choose for QuickBooks is a QuickBooks Pro-Advisor. This indicates that they take their work seriously and have achieved certification by passing the Intuit exams. Visit the website for the QuickBooks ProAdvisor recommendation to confirm their accreditation.

How can you be certain a bookkeeper is competent once you’ve engaged them? Here are some doable recommendations for monitoring your books:

  • The first recommendation is to routinely have your books checked by a CPA or trustworthy accounting company once you hire someone. Do this within 60 days of hiring a new employee; do not wait until the end of the year.
  • Embrace your gut feeling. Let’s face it, most of the time there seems to be far less money left over than we believe there should be. However, if we carefully review the check register or the Income and Expenses, we can generally determine where the money went. However, quickly follow up with a recommendation number if something genuinely appears odd. You have had owners rectify their errors a thousand times in addition to averting fraud or tragedy. You instinctively know where things belong, and your advice improves how we bookkeepers carry out our duties.
  • Create logical controls. NEVER give your bookkeeper the power to sign checks. ALWAYS go over your credit card and bank statements, paying close attention to each transaction. Verify that your bank includes copies of the checks in the statement it provides you and go over each one.

Additionally, verify the vendor invoices and bills again before signing any checks. Ask your bookkeeper to provide you with a list of all the invoices they have planned to pay online if you utilize online bill payment. Every week, check the online bill payment area to see whether bills have been paid or are due. If at all feasible, assign various employees to handle payroll, payables, and incoming payments in your office.

What skills does a QuickBooks Bookkeeper require?

  • Accounting

The practice of documenting financial transactions and creating financial reports is known as accounting. Accounting knowledge is used by bookkeepers to record transactions, match up accounts, and create financial statements. Bookkeepers need to be proficient in accounting since they utilize it daily in their jobs.

  • Entering data

Entering information into a computer system is known as data entry. Data entry is a common method used by bookkeepers to keep track of financial transactions and maintain financial records. Bookkeepers should be proficient in data entry as it needs both accuracy and speed.

  • Institution

A key component of a bookkeeper’s job is maintaining orderly records and files. They must be able to swiftly sift through vast volumes of information to discover what they need. Their ability to find the information they want quickly might also help them save time.

  • Information exchange

Another crucial competency for bookkeepers is interaction since they frequently collaborate with other financial sector experts. Bookkeepers may communicate with their co-workers and clients clearly and succinctly by using effective communication techniques. Additionally, it may assist them in comprehending the requirements of their clientele and give them the data they want to make sensible commercial judgments.

Work Environment for Bookkeepers in QuickBooks

Although some bookkeepers may work from home, the typical work environment for QuickBooks bookkeepers is an office. Even while they normally work regular business hours, they might have to put in extra time at hectic times like the conclusion of the fiscal year. The ability to pay great attention to detail and strong organizational abilities are prerequisites for becoming a QuickBooks bookkeeper. Given that much of their job is performed without supervision, they also need to be able to operate independently and be self-motivated.

Trends for QuickBooks Bookkeeper

Three trends that affect how QuickBooks bookkeepers operate are listed below. To keep their knowledge current and maintain a competitive edge at work, QuickBooks bookkeepers will need to be informed of these advances.

Increase in Online Accounting

The development of internet accounting is a development that is rapidly altering the bookkeeping sector. Bookkeepers will need to adapt as more companies go to online accounting by learning new software and gaining experience with internet banking.

Due to the prevalence of online accounting services among organizations, bookkeepers will also need to be able to operate remotely as a result of this trend. By doing this, they can reduce their costs for office space and other expenses, which they can then pass along to their clients in the form of cheaper prices.

Increased Attention to Financial Reporting

Businesses are emphasizing financial reporting more and more as they get more sophisticated. This implies that to give management accurate and timely information, bookkeepers will need to have a solid grasp of financial accounts.

Bookkeepers should concentrate on enhancing their analytical abilities and being knowledgeable about the most recent accounting software to stay ahead of the curve. To predict where businesses are heading in terms of their financial reporting requirements, they need also keep an eye on developing trends in business.

An increase in technology use

Because more and more firms rely on QuickBooks for their accounting requirements, the usage of technology in the accounting industry is expanding quickly.

Our QuickBooks Certified Bookkeeping Experts are here to help

Consider hiring a Computational Bookkeeping Accountant
Since they can streamline procedures and boost productivity, bookkeepers who can use technology efficiently will be in great demand. Additionally, by being reachable after regular business hours, businesses will be able to offer greater customer service.

Why is it crucial to employ a top bookkeeper?

An essential component of any organization is bookkeeping. To focus on other goals, such as seeing customers and completing customer orders, among other things, it is simple to neglect this crucial component, though. It makes sense because such things enable your company to function, but bookkeeping is crucial.

Delays in bookkeeping might wind up costing you money. For instance, you will waste time and get behind when it comes to paying your taxes if you prioritize, you’re accounting over operating your business. As a result, you could have to pay an accountant to sort things out in time for tax season at the last minute.

  • Ensure prompt bill payment.

During your regular company operations, anything may be overlooked. These may be the outstanding invoices. Nobody wants untimely or late payments to harm their credit.

Because they don’t always keep thorough records of their business operations, certain small enterprises and independent contractors are viewed as riskier clients. The likelihood of securing financing will also rise if you hire a bookkeeper to make sure that records are maintained and everything else is taken care of on time.

  • Concentrate on the most crucial company requirements.

A business needs the focus of its creator to develop its concept into a useful service or good. This implies that as a founder, you should spend your time concentrating on marketing, strategy, fundraising, and other crucial areas that require your attention as part of the ongoing operations of the organization.

For the founder to concentrate on other crucial aspects of expanding the business, a bookkeeper assumes the time-consuming task of managing the company’s accounts.

  • Find a way to balance your personal and professional lives.

It can take a lot of time to run your business, the time you might rather be spending with your loved ones. Your life-work balance might be impacted, which is bad for your health.

Employing a bookkeeper will relieve some of your workload, allowing you to concentrate on other vital pursuits.

  • Stay away from things you don’t know or comprehend.

Not every business owner is knowledgeable about accounting, taxes, accounts payable, and receivable. Hiring a qualified expert in those fields to manage those business-related issues is crucial.

You’ll be less likely to make costly errors this way. Your business credit may suffer if you forget to pay a payment or an essential debt.

  • Consider your company from a different perspective.

Despite having a solid understanding of your business throughout the development stage, it’s crucial to have a second opinion. A bookkeeper can organize your accounts and provide reports that show you how your company is performing each month, where your money is going, how you are benefiting from your efforts, and where you need to make improvements.

A bookkeeper can provide you with a broad overview of how the finances behave and whether your objectives are being met.

How an accountant differs from a bookkeeper

Simply said, bookkeeping is the process of documenting and arranging financial information. The examination, interpretation, categorization, and summarising of the aforementioned data are all part of the slightly more sophisticated accounting process.

Both jobs essentially deal with financial data and rely on fundamental knowledge and comprehension of accounting and finance, although accountants have more specialized abilities and frequently participate in decision-making. Sometimes, an accountant will supervise the work of a bookkeeper.

Several bookkeepers work independently and are available as needed. Depending on the size of your company and whether you engage them directly or through a firm, accountants can perform comparable tasks.

Velan Accounting Has to Offer

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