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How Do I Apply For Consumer Credit, Refund, Or Note In QuickBooks?

Posted on 06/04/2024

QB Issue Resolution:

We’ve explained credit notes, credits, and refunds and how to apply them to help you understand.

  • What is the difference between a credit memo, a credit, and a refund?
  • Credit memo entry and application?
  • Credit entry/application?
  • Entering and applying for refunds?

Note: You must erase and regenerate a credit memo to issue a refund, or vice versa.

How can I find and erase a credit memo or refund to re-enter correctly?

How do credit memos, credits, and refunds differ?

  • Credit memos are posting transactions that can pay or reduce customer invoices.
  • Delay credits are non-posting transactions you can add to a customer’s invoice.
  • A refund is a posting transaction intended to reimburse customers.

This implies:

  • Credit memos offset customer balances.
  • Only invoices can include delayed credits.
  • Delayed credits influence client balances only when saved invoices include them.

For services the consumer is unhappy with, to counterbalance a credit balance, an item or service not received, or an overcharge, refunds are used.

Entering a credit memo affects a customer’s balance but not their invoice unless manually applied.

  •  Plus Sign Icon > Refund Receipt or Credit Memo. Show more if it is not visible.
  • Complete all fields.
  • Save and new or close.

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Applying Credit Memo to invoice:

  • Go to Plus Sign Icon > Receive Payment.
  • Fill up these fields:
  • Customer: Select the credit memo recipient from the drop-down.
  • Change the date if necessary.
  • Leave Amount, Pymt Method, and Ref# blank.

Optional memo

Deposit To: Since this transaction doesn’t deposit money, leave it blank.

  • Choose the invoice to apply the credit memo.
  • Choose the credit memo for the invoice.
  • If the credit memo was applied, check the total to pay and click Save.
  • Apply for a delayed credit as a line item on your customer’s next invoice.
  • Plus Sign Icon > Delayed Credit.
  • Complete all fields
  • Click save, new, or close.

Invoicing with Delayed Credit:

  • Go to Plus Sign Icon > Invoice.
  • Select the chosen client from the client: drop-down.
  • Complete invoice fields.
  • On the left under Unbilled charges and credits, or Unbilled charges, credits, expenses, and time, click (+) next to Charges/Credits for more details.
  • Apply for the credit by clicking the box.
  • Save the invoice after completion.

If you do not see the “Create credit memo to give to the customer” or “Enter a credit to appear on the customer’s next invoice” sections after selecting “Give refund or credit,” allow delayed payments.

  • Visit the plus sign.
  • Select Delayed Charge.
  • Check the Delayed Charges box and complete the fields.
  • Choose between Save and New or Save and Close. Funds may or may not impact your customer’s balance.
  • Click Refund Receipt under the Plus Sign.
  • Complete all the required fields.

Follow the procedures for your refund type:

Type 1: Customer-unsatisfied product or service refund. It solely affects bank balances, not customer accounts receivable.

This option generates a refund receipt for cash, cheque, or credit card refunds.

Type 2: Pay client credit balance. It affects customer balance (a/r).

This option lets you give customers refund checks to offset open credits.

Type 3: Prepaid order refund without delivery. It affects customer balance (a/r).

After making a down payment or prepayment, a client might cancel the transaction without getting the products or services if no invoice or sales receipt was created. The choice leads to a check entry.

Type 4: Refund overpaid customers. It affects customer balance (a/r).

This option lets you repay customers who overspend in cash or cheques.

Record the refund on the Check or Expense screen under the Plus Sign Icon.

To change a credit memo to a refund or vice versa, remove and rebuild the transaction.

  • Find the refund or credit message.
  • Visit Customers.
  • Click the customer’s name to highlight it.
  • Show all transactions under Transactions.
  • Click credit memo or refund twice.
  • Click Delete under More at the bottom.
  • Enter the intended refund or credit memo after deleting it.

Applying a credit note, credit, or refund for a customer: this error code is known in QuickBooks Online (QBO) and QuickBooks. Self-service or paid support is available for this issue. To minimize downtime and keep your business functioning, QuickBooks experts can help. First, try to fix it yourself using the given solutions. Click here or use other support alternatives to contact us if the issue is complex or unsolvable.


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