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    Outsourced Accounting Services

    Category:  Accounting

    Outsourced accounting occurs when a business hires a third party (outside the corporation) to perform the organization’s accounting and financial functions. Why do startups prefer Outsourced Accounting? Starting a firm necessitates continuous attention to all facets of the organization, including financing. Accounting and bookkeeping are critical components of every successful business plan, but startups require internal assistance in managing these activities. Outsourced accounting is a novel approach that several entrepreneurs have recently adopted. In this Read More

    Cash Basis Accounting from Accrual Accounting

    Category:  Accounting

    What is the definition of cash basis accounting? The cash basis of accounting records revenues when cash is received and expenses when it is paid. This method does not distinguish between accounts receivable and payable. Many small businesses choose the cash basis of accounting because it is easy to maintain. It is simple to determine whether a transaction has occurred (money is in or out of the bank), and there is no need to track Read More

    Posted by: Pramod

    April 08, 2024

    Restaurant Accounting

    Category:  Accounting

    This restaurant accounting guide will help you better manage the finances of your establishment and understand the roles and responsibilities of your accountant. Understand the language: Learning the accounting language would be the ideal line of action if you wanted to properly master restaurant accounting. Even if they seem like gibberish right now, terms like debit, credit, balance sheet, and cash flow are commonly used in the accounting industry that you, as an entrepreneur, should Read More

    Outsourced Accounting for startup

    Category:  Accounting

    Time is a precious commodity for small business entrepreneurs. In addition to managing every aspect of their company’s operations, they are experts in the products and services their company provides, managing everything from sales and marketing to staff scheduling and benefits. Along the journey as you strive to expand your firm, there are obstacles at every turn of accounting for startups. Do you realize that 90% of new businesses fail? Unsuccessful financial and accounting management Read More

    virtual cfo services

    Category:  Accounting

    Outsourced virtual CFO Services will oversee your current bookkeeping and controller staff in the startup. There is a common misconception that a bookkeeper and an accountant are enough to run the financial aspects of the company.  The role of a bookkeeper is limited to maintaining the daily transactions in the organization. Sometimes, the bookkeeper can extend their services during the accounting season but with limited expertise.  The role of an accountant is to get the data Read More

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