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What is the difference between QuickBooks and QuickBooks Nonprofit?

Posted on 21/09/2023

Comparing QuickBooks and QuickBooks Nonprofit Accounting:

QuickBooks is an accounting software developed by Intuit that is widely used by businesses of all types and sizes to manage their financial operations.

QuickBooks Nonprofit is a specialized version of QuickBooks designed specifically for nonprofit organizations, such as charities, churches, foundations, and other tax-exempt entities.

Here are the key differences between QuickBooks and QuickBooks Nonprofit:

Features and Templates:

  • QuickBooks: The standard QuickBooks software is designed for businesses and includes features and templates tailored for typical business accounting needs, such as invoicing, expense tracking, payroll, and inventory management.
  • QuickBooks Nonprofit: QuickBooks Nonprofit includes features and templates customized for nonprofit organizations, including donation tracking, fund accounting, grant management, and the ability to produce nonprofit-specific reports and financial statements.

Chart of Accounts:

  • QuickBooks: The default chart of accounts in QuickBooks is more geared toward business accounting, so nonprofits often need to modify it to align with nonprofit accounting standards.
  • QuickBooks Nonprofit: QuickBooks Nonprofit comes with a chart of accounts preconfigured for nonprofit organizations, making it easier to set up and use.


  • QuickBooks: QuickBooks offers standard financial reports suitable for businesses, but it may lack some nonprofit-specific reporting capabilities.
  • QuickBooks Nonprofit: QuickBooks Nonprofit includes specialized reports such as Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities, and reports that track donations, grants, and fundraising efforts, which are essential for nonprofit financial management and reporting to donors and regulatory agencies.

Donation Tracking:

  • QuickBooks: While you can track income and expenses related to donations in QuickBooks, it may not provide the same level of donation management functionality as QuickBooks Nonprofit.
  • QuickBooks Nonprofit: QuickBooks Nonprofit has built-in features for tracking donations, donor information, pledges, and grant income, making it easier for nonprofits to manage and report on their funding sources.

Fund Accounting:

  • QuickBooks: Fund accounting, a core concept in nonprofit accounting, may require manual workarounds in standard QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks Nonprofit: QuickBooks Nonprofit includes tools for proper fund accounting, allowing organizations to segregate funds, track restricted and unrestricted funds, and generate fund-specific reports.

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Cost Allocation:

  • QuickBooks: QuickBooks may not offer robust cost allocation features, which are important for nonprofits that need to allocate expenses across programs, grants, or departments.
  • QuickBooks Nonprofit: QuickBooks Nonprofit provides tools for allocating expenses, helping organizations accurately attribute costs to different programs or activities.

In conclusion, QuickBooks Nonprofit is a tailored version of the software created to address the specific accounting and financial management requirements of nonprofit organizations.

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