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What is Yardi Property Management Software?

Posted on 08/07/2024

What is Yardi? How is it useful for Bookkeeping?

Yardi is a software vendor that makes applications for all sizes of property management and real estate companies nationwide. It offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions that can be used for property management bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, leasing, and more.

Yardi accounting software can be used to automate bookkeeping tasks, such as:

  • Reconciling bank statements
  • Entering invoices and expenses
  • Generating financial reports
  • Tracking accounts payable and receivable
  • Managing budgets

Property managers automate this work with Yardi to remove the hassle and error in their bookkeeping, saving time. In addition, Yardi’s other property management and leasing applications can be used with its accounting software to get a broader view of the business.

Here are some of the specific ways Yardi can be used for bookkeeping:

Automating recurring tasks:

Yardi can help automate processes such as bank reconciliation, invoice entry and expense reporting. This can save time and ensure that these objectives are always accomplished correctly.

Generating reports:

Yardi produced P&Ls, Balance Sheets and statements of cash flows (among other types). These reports are helpful to monitor how financially you performed but also in many areas that need improvement.

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Managing budgets:

Creation and Management of Budgets: Yardi enables you to generate budgets and also allows users to manage them. This can assist in keeping your business financially on the right path.

Providing insights:

  • Financial performance input for Yardi. With this information, decisions regarding the company can be made.
  • In summary, Yardi is a great option for property managers looking to automate bookkeeping processes and get financial reports, budgets and financial insights.
  • For instance, if you are a property manager, it may be worth considering using Yardi for your bookkeeping. It saves you time, increases your accuracy and enables smarter business decisions.

Yardi Real Estate & Property Management Software features:

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Yardi’s services, let’s go deeper into the features that come with this software.

All of these capabilities are aimed at property managers looking to automate or streamline some monotonous processes.

Some of Yardi’s most significant characteristics are:

  • Facility Management
  • Integrated Accounting System Investment
  • Lease Management

These characteristics include several services supplied by the program that are deemed critical for property management organizations.

Below, we’ll go over what these features have to offer and how they can benefit you and your organization.

Facility Management:

One of Yardi’s most useful functions is facility management. This feature helps property managers track and manage maintenance requests across several properties. This allows them to schedule and track multiple maintenance requests simultaneously, all from one location.

This function is highly handy because it effectively automates your properties’ upkeep management procedures.

When a renter requires property repair, which happens frequently, they can send a ticket directly to the site. This allows you to immediately identify the problem and book a service to resolve it as soon as possible.

This function also allows you to employ the personnel required for the needed maintenance. Then, from a single location, you can monitor every step of the process, as well as any tenant comments or complaints.

Integrated Accounting System

Another element of Yardi property management services is an accounting system. These are particularly essential in any aspect of the real estate sector because multiple accounts must be managed and taken care of for each property. This is a crucial element for any property manager interested in property development and business growth.

One of the most beneficial advantages of this accounting system is that it allows the tenant to collect rent online and process all payments through the web interface. This is significantly easier than the usual method of paying rent, such as sending cheques every month.

Yardi also offers a wide range of bookkeeping services and assistance with the establishment of financial corporations. It even provides financial reporting to ensure that all of your assets are in order and that you have all of the financial data required for an audit. This eliminates the requirement for third-party software suppliers to perform accounting services for your property management company.

Investment Management

Yardi also has investment management as one of its important features. This functionality may be exclusive to this software platform, rendering it highly valuable.

This program offers property managers a plethora of information regarding their investments, along with a method of monitoring and ensuring their ongoing profitability. One way it achieves this is by generating distinct reports that include a range of data sources, including resident statistics and historical performance.

These capabilities greatly simplify and consolidate asset management in your organization. Moreover, Yardi streamlines all of these processes, simplifying the task of expanding your portfolio and reducing risk without the need for an external consulting firm.

Lease Management

Yardi also offers a highly crucial feature known as the lease manager. This lease manager, similar to the investment manager, is specifically created to accurately assess the performance of all your assets and investments while minimizing the risk potential. Additionally, these capabilities allow the user to oversee the well-being of their investment portfolio and maintain tenant records.

This feature is useful since it allows a single user to generate reports on all aspects of a tenant or investment and share them with other users on the Yardi CRM platform. This is especially useful in the real estate Bookkeeping business because it gives information on the renter while also calculating the risk of renting to that tenant.


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Comparison of Key Functionalities and Features of Buildium vs. AppFollio vs. Yardi

  • Buildium Bookkeeping: Buildium offers features for managing residential, commercial, and community association properties. Tenant and lease administration, accounting and financial reporting, maintenance tracking, online rent payments, and communication tools for owners and tenants are among the key functionalities.
  • AppFolio Bookkeeping: AppFolio specializes in property management software for residential, commercial, student lodging, and community association properties. Its features include maintenance requests, online payments, tenant screening, lease management, accounting and reporting, and a mobile application for on-the-go management duties.
  • Yardi Bookkeeping: Yardi provides property management solutions that are customized to accommodate a variety of property categories, such as residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties. It encompasses a variety of features, such as lease management, accounting and financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting, marketing and leasing tools, maintenance management, and tenant portals.

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Yardi Property Management Software Pricing

The Yardi software pricing model is typically tailored to the unique requirements and scale of the property management portfolio. Pricing may fluctuate according to the quantity of units managed, the modules that are included, and any supplementary services that are necessary. Residential:

Price: One dollar per unit per month.

The minimum monthly expense is $100.

Optional modules: Screening for residents is priced at $15 per screening.

Commercial: $2 per unit per month. The minimum monthly expense is $200. Optional modules: Corporate websites are priced at $100 per site.

Yardi Pros & Cons:


  • Scalable solution that is appropriate for large-scale property management portfolios.
  • A large number of customization and integration possibilities.
  •  Industry-standard compliance and robust security protocols.


  • The interface’s complexity may necessitate additional time for users to learn and adjust.
  • Pricing may be more expensive than that of certain competitors, particularly for smaller portfolios.

What systems is Yardi integration compatible with?

The ecosystem comprises over 250 interfaces that may be seamlessly integrated into the premium Yardi Voyager product. Use an “API,” which is a technology that enables communication between two programs from different manufacturers, to easily customize your experience. The API supports the “Pay by PayPal” button seen on several web shopping carts. In addition, you have witnessed the implementation of APIs when restaurants and other companies employ an interactive Google Map to display their geographical position. By leveraging this same technology, you can seamlessly incorporate a wide range of features into your Yardi experience.

Your staff will often receive an extensive array of cutting-edge technology solutions that renters request information about. Residents may have a preference for paying their rent online or outfitting their flats with convenient amenities like remote locks and lighting. Upon first encountering this, you may find yourself thinking, “Yet another software product that requires management?” Flexible integrations enable the use of other technical solutions, such as smart home automation, which offers highly desired IoT capabilities for you and your team.

An IoT supplier like IOTAS may enhance efficiencies and offer reassurance by remotely controlling the locking and unlocking of vacant units’ doors, managing lighting and thermostatic schedules, and offering self-guided tours to potential occupants. After a unit is rented, your team can easily transfer control of the HVAC, lights, and smart locks to the new tenants. By combining Yardi resident data with a smart home technology supplier like IOTAS, the process of moving in and out is smooth and efficient, eliminating the need to enter the same information twice. Furthermore, apartments that are labelled as unoccupied are under the supervision of your onsite management and maintenance personnel, ensuring a smooth transition for new inhabitants.


A robust property management system enables you to concentrate on the truly important tasks—namely, attracting new residents and providing support to your current tenants—rather than on administrative responsibilities. Yardi offers unparalleled control and insight into your property portfolio, whether you require a fundamental system like Yardi Breeze or a more advanced one like Yardi Voyager.

Yardi software FAQs:

What is the purpose of Yardi Software?

There is a list of the most effective applications of Yardi software. Although the Yardi software feature has a multitude of applications, the following are a few of the main ones:

  • Attract potential clients.
  • Facilitate the conversion of prospects.
  • Retain tenants and inhabitants.
  • Enhance accounting operations.
  • Analyse expenses Manage assets
  •  Create automated procedures.
  • Be discovered on the internet
  • Minimize the amount of paper that
  • Conserve both time and money.

What are the primary advantages of Yardi?

Yardi offers a plethora of advantages that facilitate the management of real estate and property. Consequently, it renders Yardi an indispensable instrument for specialists in the industry. The following are several significant advantages:

  • Combines numerous real estate management functions into a single platform.
  • Reduces the manual workload and enhances productivity by automating routine duties.
  • Offers comprehensive reporting capabilities to facilitate compliance and decision-making.
  • Enables businesses to seamlessly scale operations, thereby accommodating growth.
  • Users can manage properties from any location at any time with cloud-based access.
  • Enhances resource management and automates processes to decrease operational expenses.
  • Guarantees compliance with industry standards and high levels of data protection.

What is the duration of the implementation process for Yardi Solutions?

The duration required to implement Yardi property management software is contingent upon the complexity of the portfolio and the specific solution. A basic setup can be completed in a single day in certain instances, while more complex implementations may require several months to completely address all requirements.

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